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June 27, 2020

Your privacy is very important to OOBLAB, we are committed to protecting the privacy of children and parents.

No data collection

Ooblab, through its applications, does not use any analysis or cryptography tools that can collect personal or statistical data.

No external links for children from our apps
Protected sections for parents are available. Before accessing a parent section, you must type 3 numbers written in letter (e.g. three, seven, two) so that young children cannot access it.  From these sections you can access the Ooblab website for support or other information.

Request for support via Ooblab web support
Our users can email us if they need assistance or help with any of our products. If you submit a request for assistance, we will receive your email address and possibly other personal or non-personal information that you provide regarding your request for assistance. We do not collect or store this data beyond the time it takes to respond to your request. We do not sell, exchange or rent users’ personal identifying information to third parties.

Children’s privacy
Our products respect the privacy of children. We do not collect personal information about children with our apps.

App Store and data collection
We offer our games through app stores such as the Apple App Store, Google Play and Windows Store…
These app stores have their own privacy policy.
We have no control over the collection or use of information from an App Store and cannot change the information that is made available to us by the App Store.

Changes to this policy

We may have to change this privacy policy.
We encourage you to review this privacy statement from time to time to review its changes.

contact: support@ooblab.com