3 years old and more
Discovering the world


  • 15 jeux amusants interactifs
  • Un voyage passionnant pour les enfants de 3 ans et plus
  • En savoir plus sur l’Afrique : ses cultures, traditions, géographie, animaux et plus encore !
  • Des photographies des paysages et peuples d’Afrique pour vivre une immersion réaliste.
  • Une voix off accompagne l’enfant dans son voyage ludique et pédagogique
  • Touchez les animaux pour découvrir des surprises animées
  • Des aventures à vivre avec Rasmus & Lili
  • Développez les habiletés motrices de votre enfant
  • Enjoy audio content in your native language: available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Sans pub

Discover Africa with Rasmus & Lili!

With Rasmus and Lili, discover the second largest continent in the world: Africa!
Lots of fun games and interactions to discover all the riches of Africa: many animals like giraffes, lion, lemurs of Madagascar…  The meeting of the Masais and their traditions, the Sahara desert, the pyramids of Egypt, the Nile, kilimanjaro, Victoria Falls and many other wonders…
Take your child on a journey through the wonders of Africa, its beauty, its culture with our app.

For children aged 3 and over

This application is a fabulous fun and educational journey for the child because of its richness of visual and auditory information, but also playful because Rasmus -Lili accompanies your child in the beauty of a lively and interactive Africa.
Rasmus – Lili in Africa offers 15 interactive games, photos and audios to learn more about other peoples and other places of the world, fostering curiosity and appreciation of the diversity of cultures and natural riches around the world.

A fabulous fun and educational journey through Africa

Children will find information about cultures, animals, traditions, peoples, geography and more.  For example: By feeding crocodiles, children discover that they eat many things including fish, reptiles, birds… Many dialogues make the experience of the game more lively and playful and enrich the child’s journey by providing him with knowledge and tricks that are shared and revealed through the many encounters of the people and riches of Africa.

15 fun and interactive adventure games!

This app offers many activities and games: puzzles, moving objects… and much more… Children will have hours of fun helping the characters they meet on each of the play scenes. Sometimes it will be necessary to reconstruct the pyramids of Egypt, help the ostrich hid its eggs, serve the traditional mint tea, place the animals of the savannah, take a picture Rasmus -Lili in front of Mount Kilimanjaro or in front of Victoria Falls…

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