Apprendre tous les pays du globe en 1 semaine c’est possible !

Take part in a race against time to conquer as many countries as possible in the world! A game that confronts a sense of direction, geographical knowledge and speed. Geo Express allows you to play alone to train or network for those who have a taste for competition by challenging other players.


Ages 8 and up Geography


  • Apprendre tous les pays du globe en jouant
  • Une course contre la montre amusante
  • Jouer en réseau
  • Exploration du globe en solo
  • Sens de l’orientation et rapidité

Une course contre la montre à travers le globe !

GeoExpress, the educational game to learn geography by playing. The goal is to conquer the most countries to win, so you have to find the countries you need as quickly as possible before your opponents. Experience a hectic 3D race across the globe.

Jouez en réseau avec vos amis !

GeoExpress offers a networked game mode to play with friends by creating a mission of up to 6 players. If you have a taste for competition, you can challenge your friends!

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