3 to 6 years old
Numbers and letters


  • Un abécédaire imagé interactif
  • Reconnaîssance des lettres et des chiffres parmis d’autres
  • S’entraîner à dessiner les lettres et les chiffres
  • Analyse du tracé dessiné par l‘enfant grâce à l’I.A.
  • 3 niveaux de progression
  • Sans pub

A fun educational tool to learn numbers and letters

ABC Fun Kid, the educational game to teach kids to write letters in sticks and numbers while having fun. The child first discovers the letters of the alphabet from A to Z through an interactive ababy. Then he learns to recognize letters and numbers and then gradually practice drawing them. Three levels of difficulty are proposed to ensure that the learning is done at the child’s pace.

Anglais A fun and motivating interactive graphic universe!

Remarkable educational tool because of the technology used, but also playful because ABC Fun Kid offers a real playful immersion in a lively and interactive aquatic universe, in which a friendly axolotl and other species accompany the child in learning letters and numbers to stimulate the urge to learn. A game validated and appreciated by children, parents and many school teachers!

Learn to recognize numbers and letters while having fun!

Recognizing numbers or letters can be complicated for the young child because it requires fine visual recognition. The playful context offered by ABC Fun Kid allows him to practice the recognition and identification of all numbers and letters of the alphabet while having fun.

Analysis of the child’s path using I.A.

Using artificial intelligence technology, the game analyzes the path drawn by the child and the meaning of writing of the plot and tells him if his letter is correct. The child trains to draw the numbers and letters in accordance with the common sense of writing, in accordance with the school curriculum. When the letter or number requested is correctly drawn the axolotl jumps with joy!

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